Renault Eurodrive - What Is Car Leasing?

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What Is Car Leasing?

The Renault Eurodrive Difference

Renault Eurodrive is a car lease program that offers a brand new (tax free) vehicle for those holidaying in Europe.

It is a fully inclusive solution, created to provide freedom and peace of mind:

  • A brand new vehicle & guaranteed model
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • Full Insurance with no excess
  • Unrestricted access in over 40 European countries
  • Full factory warranty
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • No young or upper age driver's fee
  • 28 locations around Europe

Can I hire a Renault Eurodrive?

To be able to take advantage of Renault Eurodrive, you must meet all the following conditions:

  • Your country of residence must be outside the European Union
  • You must spend less than 185 consecutive days in Europe in a year
  • You must not be in Europe for business purposes
  • You must be over 18 the day the vehicle is delivered
  • Have held a driving licence for more than one year

Who Are We?

Renault Eurodrive is owned by the RENAULT SAS car company, the leading car manufacturer in Europe.

Our car leasing product is marketed by our worldwide network and is present in more than 77 countries. Our Renault Eurodrive office in Australia is an added network of importers, tour operators and travel agencies.

For more than 55 years, the Renault Eurodrive brand has been there to assist you during your trips to Europe.

We are committed to providing an impeccable service (97% of our customers recommend it to their friends). Renault Eurodrive has been ISO 9002 certified since 1998.

Special Regulations for European Community citizens

You are also entitled to take advantage of Renault Eurodrive if you meet the conditions of the special regulations for European Community citizens living abroad or in the French overseas territories.

Students, trainees, teachers, journalists or employees undertaking a clearly identified assignment in Europe, whose usual country of residence is in the French overseas territories or outside the European Community, may take advantage of the Renault Eurodrive leasing program.

Included in the beneficiaries: the spouse, (officially recognized) partner and immediate family, if they meet the above-mentioned conditions.