Renault Eurodrive - Who is Driving?

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Who is Driving?

Who can drive the car

With Renault Eurodrive, there is no extra fee for additional drivers. Also, Renault Eurodrive insurance covers all drivers and passengers of the vehicle.

In addition to the official driver, only ascendants, descendants or spouses may drive the car (however they must comply with the tax-free regulation of this European car leasing program).

International Driving Permit

Some European countries accept an Australian driver's license; however, most countries will require an International Driving Permit. This is used as a legal identification document and has the information relating to the Australian driver's license translated into 11 foreign languages.

The International Driving Permit is used as a supplement to the Australia driver's license and you need to obtain it before your departure.

International Driving Permit Authorities in Australia

To obtain an International Driving Permit, please contact the relevant International Driving Permit authority in your state:

New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

NRMA Motoring & Services


RACQ Ltd.(Royal Automobile Club of Queensland Limited)


RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria)

South Australia

RAA (Royal Automobile Association of South Australia, Inc)

Western Australia

RAC (Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (Incorporated)


RACT (Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania Limited)

Northern Territory

AANT (Automobile Association of Northern Territory Inc)