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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees apply to any confirmed booking:

  • If booking is cancelled outside 22 days of collection and the vehicle has not been registered a cancellation fee of AUD350 will apply.
  • If a booking is cancelled within 21 days of collection or the vehicle has been registered a cancellation fee of AUD1300 + Supplier levy will apply.
  • An administration charge of AUD250 in addition to the set cancellation fees will be applied upon the cancellation of a confirmed booking within six weeks of the collection date.

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE - Applicable to sales of vehicles effected under temporary exemption from tax.

This present document relates to the supply of new RENAULT vehicles (Department of Special Export Sales) to customers who have the right to benefit from a tax-free regime under Temporary Transit Registration.


1.1 - Cash sales or sales under a finance agreement outside the scope of French Law No 78.22 of 10 January 1978.

The contract comes into force the moment the order is signed and a deposit has been paid.

The customer (or finance body) must pay, in any payment form accepted by RENAULT (cheque, bill of exchange accepted and domiciliated), the balance of the price when the vehicle is delivered and before registration formalities have been completed by the said finance body should the customer have requested it so to do.

  • Finance agreement coming within the scope of French law No 78.22 of 10 January 1978.

Where a vehicle under the present contract is sold or delivered with the assistance of a finance body, the method of financing (credit sale or hire agreement with Purchase Option) must in all cases be indicated on the contract.

The contract comes into force as soon as the prior offer of finance has been accepted by the customer and after the payment of a deposit which must not be higher than the contribution that the customer had arranged to pay in cash.

1.2.1 - If the customer selects DIAC as the finance body, he gives authority to RENAULT to present to DIAC the prior offer of finance and to receive for his own account the subsequent agreement from this latter body.

1.2.2 - If the customer selects another finance body, the customer will undertake himself to discuss the prior offer of finance with the said finance body. He must also inform the designated body, at the latest 7 days following his acceptance of the prior offer, if the finance body selected accepts or rejects his application or if he himself has withdrawn from the deal.


2.1 - The tax-free price of the vehicle described in the present contract is guaranteed for three months starting from the date the order is signed. If the delivery stipulated in the time covered by the price guarantee has not been effected within this period and if the delay is not the fault of the customer, the price guarantee period will be extended up to the time the delivery of the vehicle is effected, as long as the delay is not the result of a case of force majeure.

2.2 - This price guarantee applies in all cases, except where price variation results from technical modifications consequent to the application of regulations imposed by the authorities in France or the importing country.

2.3 - At all times it may be the case that modifications resulting from technical advances can be made to the vehicle on order, on condition that neither price increases or variations in quality levels occur, and that the customer has the option to indicate those features for which he accords his agreement.


When booking, the customer is requested a credit card print. Renault reserves the right to use it and to debit the customer's account in the event of the non-payment of additional fees not covered by the contract, i.e: - out-of-France vehicle return charges.


The EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE guarantee is an integral part of the RENAULT EURODRIVE formula. It is insured and implemented by AXA Assistance France Assurances acting under the name "RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE" in application of assistance contract No. 5003095.

Preliminary article - Definitions:

The definitions of the expressions used in this document are given below:

  • Vehicle: refers to any new vehicle of less than 3.5 tons sold under the RENAULT EURODRIVE formula.
  • Duration of the guarantee: the duration of the assistance guarantee is the same as that of the RENAULT EURODRIVE contract. It therefore terminates if the vehicle is exported definitively. The guarantee also applies to vehicles registered under the manufacturer's name.
  • Beneficiary: refers to the person who signed the RENAULT EURODRIVE contract, or his spouse, or any other user authorized by him, as well as to any other person traveling in the vehicle in question, up to the number of seats specified on the registration certificate.
  • Geographical limits: the services defined below are applicable for the duration of the RENAULT EURODRIVE contract in the following countries; Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Metropolitan France (including Corsica), Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece (includes Crete and Greek Islands), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy (including Sicily and Sardinia), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Vatican.
  • Accident: refers to any collision, impact with a fixed or moving object, overturn or leaving the road, fire or explosion, attempted theft, etc. that results in the vehicle being taken off the road.
  • Theft: the vehicle shall be considered as stolen if it is not found within 48 hours of its disappearance. This period, as well as the assistance services, start to run when the beneficiary declares the theft to the competent authorities.
  • Attempted theft: any forced entry committed on a vehicle and requiring it to be taken off the road, due to broken windows and/or malfunctioning of locks. This clause shall not take effect until the beneficiary has declared the attempted theft to the relevant authorities.
  • Breakdowns:
    • Off-road breakdown: any unforeseeable mechanical incident resulting in the car being taken off the road, recognized by the manufacturer and for which the user is not responsible.
    • Safety off-road breakdown: any incident or failure that makes the vehicle difficult or dangerous to drive and that requires it to be taken off the road. This type of failure expressly concerns the wiper mechanisms, side window lifts and headlamp lenses.
  • Immobilization of the vehicle: a vehicle is considered as immobilized when it is placed in the hands of the nearest Renault dealer or, failing this, another local repairer belonging to the Renault network. On receiving the vehicle, the repairer will specify the time for which it will remain off the road.

Article 1 - Service conditions:

Starting from the delivery of the vehicle and for the duration of the RENAULT EURODRIVE contract, the services defined below shall be provided at the request of the beneficiary or the DVSE assistance department. This request shall be made directly to RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE.

If the beneficiary reports an accident, theft, break-in or failure, RENAULT EURODRIVE will verify that the person making the report is indeed the beneficiary as defined in the preliminary article, and will request him to provide the following information:

  • vehicle registration number (registration certificate).
  • dates of the RENAULT EURODRIVE contract.
  • name and address of the contract holder.
  • vehicle type and serial number (registration certificate).
  • place and date of vehicle drop-off.
  • nature, place and date of incident.
  • vehicle documents:
    • If the car is repaired outside of France, leave the documents with the repairer.
    • If the event happens in France, send them to the DVSE, if the vehicle is not returned to the customer.
  • accident report: the original must be sent to GRAS SAVOYE, together with the police report, where applicable. Along with any other information deemed to be useful.

Article 2 - Assistance services:

The services are provided in the event of accident, theft, attempted theft or breakdown, as defined in paragraphs 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the preliminary articles.

  • For safety off-road breakdowns, only the main services are included in the present contract.
  • For failure of the onboard GPS system and/or air conditioning, RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE will process the request and refer the beneficiary to a Renault repairer.

  1. Main services:

    Repair and/or towing services are included in all cases.

    1.1.1 Repair / towing:

    RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE organizes and pays for repair and/or towing of the vehicle after an accident or breakdown, or as the result of damage caused by theft/attempted theft.

    • In France, the vehicle is towed to the Renault repairer, branch or dealer designated by RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE.
    • In other countries, it is towed to the nearest Renault repairer.
  2. In the event of abandon, termination of the contract or repairs taking longer than ten days, the vehicle shall be left with the nearest Renault dealership or branch.

  3. Additional services (except for safety off-road breakdowns and failure of the onboard GPS or air conditioning systems):

    2.1. Shipment of spare parts
    RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE agrees to ship any unavailable parts to the Renault repairer in the shortest possible time, if he deems it necessary.

    2.2. If the vehicle is off-the-road or unavailable for between 12 hours and 10 days, the beneficiary may choose one of the following solutions:

    2.2.1 RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE shall provide the beneficiary, while the vehicle remains off the road and depending on local availability, with a rental vehicle of a category equivalent, at most, to the vehicle taken off the road, for an amount of up to 750 Euros. The rental vehicle must be returned to the point of departure. The beneficiary must recover the repaired vehicle. Any amount in excess of this sum, as well as fuel expenses, are payable by the beneficiary.

    2.2.2 If the beneficiary wishes to wait locally, RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE shall contribute to hotel accommodation for an amount of up to 65 Euros per night and per passenger for 10 nights maximum. See Preliminary Article - Definitions, Beneficiary. Bar, restaurant and telephone charges, as well as incidental expenses, are payable by the beneficiary.

    2.3. If the vehicle remains off the road or unavailable for a period of more than ten days.

    2.3.1 RENAULT DVSE agrees, after studying the case, to provide the customer with a second new vehicle of a brand and category equivalent, at most, to the vehicle taken off the road, until the scheduled drop-off date. The second vehicle, available at DVSE Paris, will be transported by a driver from RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE, to the current location of the beneficiary, in countries covered by the contract.

    2.3.2 While the beneficiary is waiting for the vehicle to arrive from Paris, RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE shall, if necessary, pay for the rental of a vehicle or contribute to accommodation expenses, within the limits of the amount specified.

    2.4. If the incident (accident, theft, attempted theft or failure) occurs less than ten days before the contractual drop-off date, and if the vehicle is off the road for more than 10 days, the beneficiary can choose one of the following solutions:

    2.4.1 RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE shall provide the beneficiary, up to the scheduled drop-off date and depending on local availability, with a rental vehicle of a category equivalent, at most, to the vehicle taken off the road for an amount of up to 750 Euros. The vehicle must be returned or rented in the town specified as the drop-off point.

    Any amount in excess of this sum, as well as fuel expenses, are payable by the beneficiary. The rental period is limited to the number of days left to run on the RENAULT EURODRIVE contract.

    2.4.2 If the beneficiary wishes to wait locally, RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE will contribute to hotel accommodation for an amount of up to 65 Euros per night and per passenger for 10 nights maximum. See Preliminary Article - Definitions, Beneficiary. The number of days is limited by the number of days left to run on the RENAULT EURODRIVE contract. Bar, restaurant and telephone charges, as well as incidental expenses, will be payable by the beneficiary.

    2.4.3 If the beneficiary wishes to be repatriated, RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE shall organize and pay for the beneficiary to travel to the contractual drop-off point by first-class rail, or by economy class air travel, if the train journey is longer than eight hours.

Article 3 - Terms of service:

RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE agrees to provide the services described above with its best diligence on a 24/7 basis. The operations listed are subject to availability, local regulations, particularly in terms of accommodation and vehicle rental, and immediate possibilities, particularly in terms of transport by rail or by air. No reimbursement or compensation shall be payable for services not organized or agreed to by RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE.

If the RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE vehicle is replaced by a rental vehicle from a conventional rental firm, the customer will be asked to provide a credit card swipe. The rental firm may also suggest complementary insurance (for deductibles in particular), which shall be payable by the customer.

Article 4 - Exclusions:

RENAULT EURODRIVE ASSISTANCE can only intervene to the extent that local authorities give approval. It shall not be held responsible for any failure or mishap in the execution of its obligations caused by acts of God, war, strikes, seizures or detention by the authorities, official bans, piracy, explosive devices, nuclear or radioactive effects. The RENAULT EURODRIVE contract does not cover lack of fuel, mechanical incidents arising from incorrect use of the car, mechanical incidents relating to trailers or tow couplings, snow tyres and chains, the price of spare parts, fines, bar expenses, telephone, restaurant, fuel and toll expenses, vehicle servicing costs and other costs that the beneficiary would normally pay in the event of an initially planned stay in the place where the incident occurred (e.g. hotel).

The RENAULT EURODRIVE contract does not cover chains, snow tyres, couplings and the corresponding trailers. Nor does the RENAULT EURODRIVE contract cover events arising from the beneficiary taking part in sporting competitions, bets and matches.

AXA Assistance France Assurances
Entreprise régie par le Code des Assurances
Siège social : 6, rue André Gide - 92328 CHATILLON Cedex
S.A. au capital de 7 275 660 . - Nanterre 451 392 724 RCS - Code APE 660E
N° TVA Intracommunautaire : FR 81 45 13 92 724
  • additional days beyond the duration of the initial contract,
  • vehicle returned with missing parts.


4.1 - RENAULT will deliver the vehicle at the place and on the date indicated on the present contract.

The customer will take delivery of the vehicle under the same conditions.

The agreed delivery date, where there is an event constituting a case of force majeure, will be extended, to the benefit of the customer and the designated body, for a period equal in time to the said event.

In view of the special traffic and registration conditions applying in France to this type of vehicle:

  • the vehicle registered tax-free can only be delivered to the purchasing client, the single possessor of the vehicle's registration document (except in the case of special dispensation given by the principal), after the customs authorities have verified that the conditions allowing a tax-free purchase under a Temporary Transit regime have been fully complied with.
  • the customer undertakes to regularise the position of his vehicle vis-à-vis the customs authorities when the conditions allowing tax exemption are no longer being met.


The vehicle ordered is covered by a legal guarantee for hidden defects as laid down in articles 1641 and thereafter in the Code Civil.

In addition, under the present contract relating to a tax-free sale, if it is used temporarily on the French mainland before being taken abroad, the vehicle also benefits from:

  • a contractual guarantee covering any defect duly observed on the said vehicle :
    the «Garantie Losange», the conditions of which appear hereinafter, and whose key points are stated in the maintenance booklet (or the RENAULT SERVICE booklet) given to the customer at the time of delivery.
  • an Anti-Corrosion Guarantee, the conditions of which appear hereinafter and whose key points are stated in the maintenance booklet (or RENAULT SERVICE booklet) given to the customer at the time of delivery.

When the customer, in accordance with the terms of the present contract exports his vehicle outside of mainland France, the conditions of guarantee that shall apply will be those in force in the country where he resides, whether the transit registration is retained or not, because it is the place of residence that shall determine the guarantee conditions from which he can benefit.

5.1 - «Guarantee Losange»

5.1.1 - How long does the Guarantee Losange last?

Two years starting from the time of delivery, or failing this, from the date the vehicle was first put on the road as shown in the registration document, without a limit on mileage.

5.1.2 - What does the Guarantee Losange cover?

The customer benefits from the removal free of charge (parts and labour) of any material or construction fault duly found on the vehicle, on the customer's own initiative, as well as any damage caused either by this fault to other parts of the vehicle, by repair procedures or by the replacement of the part shown to be defected, according to conditions hereinafter defined.

The Guarantee Losange does not cover indirect consequences of a subsequent fault (loss of use of the vehicle, etc).

Servicing costs incurred by the customer, in accordance with the Manufacturer's recommendations and those costs connected to normal running of the vehicle, remain the customer's responsibility.

In addition, the Guarantee Losange does not apply to parts of the vehicle that have been altered, and does not cover consequences subsequent to such modifications (weakening of the vehicle, advanced wear and tear, alteration, etc) affecting other parts or engine components on the vehicle, or the overall characteristics of the latter.

5.1.3 - How does the Guarantee Losange operate?

In order to benefit from the Guarantee Losange, the customer must contact a member of the RENAULT dealer network displaying the brand sign; it is only such centres that can operate the scheme. It is up to the RENAULT repair shop to decide if the part in question needs repairing or replacing.

The customer will hand in the service booklet duly filled in (or the RENAULT SERVICE booklet) which will have been given to him at the time of delivery, confirming that the services recommended by the Manufacturer have been correctly carried out.

For certain types of vehicle, a service is carried out between 15,000 and 30,000 kms (Cf. service booklet).

The supply of engine and other oil and oil filters is charged to the customer; labour is free of charge.

The customer must have confirmation, as quickly as he can, from a RENAULT service centre, the only centre allowed to carry out procedures under this Guarantee, or have it stated in writing, that the part or defect is covered by the Guarantee Losange and, if the vehicle cannot be moved, he must call RENAULT Assistance. Failing this outside of normal opening times of the nearest RENAULT repair centre or where special conditions apply (breakdown on the motorway), the customer can call, as far as the breakdown and towing-off are concerned, another local car repairer belonging preferably to the RENAULT network.

The Guarantee Losange does not apply and the centre selling the vehicle is free of all responsibility:

  • When parts have been put on, modifications have been carried out on the vehicle, without the Manufacturer's authorisation.
  • When the stated defect is due to the fact that the customer has had the vehicle repaired or serviced by a centre not belonging to the RENAULT network.
  • When the vehicle has been used under conditions that do not conform to those recommended by the Manufacturer (example: overloading or using the vehicle for sport competitions of any description whatsoever).
  • When the vehicle has not been maintained normally, and notably, when instructions concerning the treatment, servicing or care to be taken during such procedures, outlined in the service booklet (or RENAULT SERVICE booklet) have not been adhered to.

When there is an intervention under the terms of the Guarantee Losange involving the vehicle being immobile for more than 7 consecutive days, an equivalent period of time will be added to the period of the Guarantee Losange still left to run on the date the customer initiates the said intervention, with written confirmation in the form of a signature on a repair sheet.

Parts replaced under the terms of the Guarantee Losange become the sole property of RENAULT.

The Guarantee Losange is applicable to the vehicle ordered outside of mainland France, under the same conditions as those in force in the country of origin of the vehicle.


Items of information requested from the customer at the time of taking the latter's order are essential for processing the said order. Such information is held under our control and can be communicated to RENAULT, its service subsidiaries and to members of its dealer network, in order to supply the customer with a quality service adapted to his particular needs. They can also be communicated to third parties with business dealings with RENAULT, who have signed up to a confidentiality agreement. Naturally, the customer has a right of access to such details of information on via our service centres and RENAULT's Customer Service Department.


In the case of disputes arising under the present contract, the sole competent courts will be French:

  • If the customer is not an individual person, the court within the district of RENAULT's Head Office will be the sole competent body, - if the customer is an individual person, the choice of competent court will be made in accordance with current legislation.


1 - RENAULT, or any other body designated so to do, agrees to take back from the customer the ordered vehicle, in accordance with the conditions stated hereinafter:

  • The vehicle must be returned at the latest on the date indicated on the reverse of the present contract.
  • Interruption before the due date. No refund is due to the customer in the event that the latter asks for his vehicle to be taken back before the date indicated on the reverse of the present contract.
  • The vehicle must be returned in a perfect state of repair according, notably, to the advice and instructions of the Manufacturer shown in the service booklet (or the RENAULT SERVICE booklet) and the vehicle's technical handbook.
  • If the vehicle is returned damaged without prior notification to RENAULT EURODRIVE insurance, the customer is liable to pay the sum required to return the vehicle to a correct state of repair.
  • At the time of return, the customer must hand over to RENAULT or any other body selected by RENAULT all documentation relating to the vehicle, it being emphasised that the vehicle will not be accepted without the registration document. In case of loss, the customer is obliged to supply a certificate of loss drawn up by a police officer in France or a police officer abroad. The customer must sign a sales certificate as well as an authority for customs clearance of the vehicle.
  • In case of price modification of the vehicle agreed at the time of taking the order and accepted by the customer, the return value will be changed by the same amount.
  • The customer must adhere strictly to the date and place of return agreed with RENAULT. It is not allowed to abandon the vehicle away from the designated point, without written agreement from RENAULT. Repatriation costs and other costs would be in this event entirely the customer's responsibility. In the event of non-observance of the return date, RENAULT cannot be held responsible, subsequently, notably where insurance is concerned, and the customer, alone, shall assume responsibility for all consequences due to such non-observance of the return date.
  • If, following delivery, and where beforehand he wanted to benefit from RENAULT taking charge of the vehicle on return, the customer decides to retain his vehicle, he must inform RENAULT of this at the latest within 15 days before the return date shown on the present contract.
  • It is stated that the vehicle accessories (with the exception of the car radio) are not taken back by RENAULT.


It is expressly agreed that the transfer of vehicle ownership and risks to RENAULT or to any other individual or legal entity that RENAULT names, will take place on the date the vehicle is properly returned.

7 - In case of disputes, the French courts will be the sole competent authority.


AXA CS Contract No.3906121

A full copy of the general terms and conditions applicable to AXA Corporate Solutions is available on request.

The contract is applicable in the countries shown on the green card, except where the letters indicating nationality have been crossed out, as well as in the territories and principalities administered by an office in a country on the green card: Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican.

  1. Damage to third parties


    Covers the civil liability of the insured with a view to satisfying the obligation to insure set out in article L211-1 of the Insurance Code.

    The insurer covers any damage caused to third parties (passengers, property or people outside the vehicle) by the vehicle on and off the road Limits on amounts insured:

    • Bodily injury: no limits
    • Property damage: €100,000,000
    • Property damage by fire or explosion: €10,000,000 per claim
    • Property damage by accidental environmental impairment suffered by a third party: €10,000,000 per claim
    • Property damage suffered by a third party in an airport zone: €1,000,000 per claim


    • Defence: the insurer defends the policy holder's financial interests in compliance with provisions relating to the payment of claims, as set out in chapter VII of the General Terms and Conditions.
    • Recovery : this guarantee permits the recovery of compensation for any harm caused as part of an accident involving the insured vehicle, on an amicable basis and on behalf of the beneficiary.
    • The insurer covers all the fees and expenses incurred by surveys and expert reports for an amount of up to €10,000 per event.
    • Advance payment on recovery : this guarantee provides the owner of the insured vehicle with advance payment of the compensation to which he is entitled following the damage caused to his vehicle by a vehicle belonging to an identified third party, registered in France and with valid insurance in France, and whose liability has been established.
    • By vehicle, €20,000 without exceeding 80% of the value assessment conducted by an expert prior to the claim.


    Cover granted per event for an amount of up to €3,050

  2. Damage to the vehicle


    The insurer covers the direct material damage resulting from the following events:

    - Collision of the insured vehicle with one or more other vehicles. - Impact of the insured vehicle with a fixed or moving object. - Overturning of the insured vehicle without prior collision. - Partial damage or total loss in the event of overland shipment of the insured vehicle. - Total loss in the event of transport of the insured vehicle by air or by sea. - Acts of vandalism. - Acts of nature, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, floods, typhoons, tornados,falling stones or snow, avalanches, impact of hailstones.

    Cover is provided for an amount equal to the value assessment conducted by an expert on the insured vehicle on the day of the claim.

    Exclusions : punctured tyres, damage arising from faulty maintenance, vehicle wear or accessories falling off; partial damage arising from shipment by sea or by air; damage or failures covered by the manufacturer's warranty (see Warranty Booklet).

    Coverage includes direct damage caused by fire, an explosion (even after an attack), lightning or storms.

    Cover is provided for an amount equal to the value assessment conducted by an expert on the insured vehicle on the day of the claim.


    Coverage includes direct damage caused by the theft or attempted theft of the insured vehicle.

    Cover is provided for an amount equal to the value assessment conducted by an expert on the insured vehicle on the day of the claim.

    2c - LUGGAGE

    The insurer reimburses the value of the clothes, personal effects and objects inside the car and belonging to the occupants, for an amount of up to €840 on presentation of the original bills, registration of a complaint and/or an accident report.

    Coverage excludes cash, bank assets, stocks and shares, valuable objects, jewels, furs.


    Coverage includes the breakage, for any reason, of parts made of glass, plate glass or organic glass (windscreen, rear window, side windows, door windows, lights, sunroof).

    Coverage is granted for the total cost of repair.


    In accordance with articles L 125-1 and L125-2 of the Insurance Code, this guarantee applies to damage caused by the abnormal intensity of a natural force.

    This guarantee becomes effective only after publication of an inter-ministerial decree describing the event as a natural disaster - Area covered: metropolitan France.

    Legal excess applies.

  3. Bodily injury to passengers


    Coverage includes all persons carried free of charge or driving the insured vehicle with the authorization of the owner or policy holder.

    Total compensation: medical expenses of up to €4,575 per person injured; €7,625 in the event of total permanent disablement; €7,625 in the event of death.

    Note: This guarantee supplements the compensation payable under ordinary law.


  1. Damage to third parties

    Civil liability

    1. Bodily injury and property damage suffered by third parties following an accident involving the vehicle insured. Property damage suffered by third parties as a result of fire or explosion, involving your insured vehicle. Damage resulting from environmental impairment and/or pollution.

    Defence and recovery

    1. Covers legal and expert fees following a claim.

    Legal protection

    1. Legal defense if summoned before the courts.
  2. Damage to the vehicle

    Accidental damage/vandalism

    1. Material damage suffered by the vehicle.

    Fire, explosion, attacks, storms

    1. Damage suffered by the vehicle following a fire or explosion.

    Theft, attempted theft

    1. Damage or disappearance of the vehicle following theft or attempted theft.


    1. Damage or disappearance of the luggage belonging to the vehicle's occupants following an accident, fire or break-in.

    Glass breakage

    1. Accidental breakage of windows and/or headlights.

    Natural disasters

    1. Material damage suffered by the vehicle in metropolitan France following a natural disaster.
  3. Bodily injury to passengers

    Individual, family and passengers

    1. Bodily injury suffered by the people travelling in the car, including the driver. Per person and up to the number of occupants specified on the vehicle registration certificate.